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Move from Wuhan to Canada
  • Distance11507km
  • Shipping36 Day
  • volume2m³
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In fact, the process of preparing to move has been a long time. Xiao Wu, Dragonsea's customer service, has been contacted. Because his visa has not been applied for, he has not been dealt with, but later he encountered the epidemic, which has been delayed for about a year. His wife's visa came down, and then he lived with his children in advance. He still needs to deal with some things in China. From the beginning of contact with Dragonsea's customer service, I felt that Dragonsea's service was reassuring. I found many moving companies online and consulted companies in Shenzhen and Shanghai, but in the end, I was more willing to trust Dragonsea. During this period, the customer service kept following up, caring and greeting. For Xiaobai who has no moving experience, it undoubtedly provided a lot of help, although the sea freight has increased, But I also chose Dragonsea with confidence. Because I don't want my wife and children to be so troublesome abroad, I still use a professional company to protect some. The goods have been signed in. Although a small part of the dishes are damaged, they are already very good. Next time there is furniture transportation, we will choose Dragonsea.
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