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Move from Beijing to Japan
  • Distance2121km
  • Shipping10 Day
  • volume2m³
  • Score
At the end of August, Ms. Mo Claire of Dragonsea was consulted for the first time. With clear and professional answers, she had a preliminary understanding of moving and gave us a lot of suggestions. Since we have been back to Japan for a long time, in principle, we can't apply for tax exemption, but in the end, we guided the method of explanation letter according to the actual situation, and we all actively cooperated. Finally, the customs also shipped it back to us duty-free. The Beijing team also arranged people to evaluate the items at home in advance, and Miss Mo also made a specific price plan in advance. Soon we signed the contract and packed all the goods. The transportation links during the period can also be queried and followed up one by one. After the completion of the moving and transportation, all the items have been signed and received. On the whole, I am very satisfied and relieved. Your departments and links cooperate very well. In the future, if a friend considers international moving, you are worthy of recommendation!
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