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Move from Shanghai to Canada
  • Distance11298km
  • Shipping25 Day
  • volume3m³
  • Score
Dragonsea international moving is truly trustworthy. In this difficult period, the goods have been successfully transported from Shanghai to Toronto. The whole process of communication and tracking is barrier free, the process is clear, there is no arbitrary charge, and the packaging of the goods is intact. Recommended! Just to remind you that if you are in urgent need of goods, remember to transport them in advance. I will transport them by sea dragon in two times. Some arrive in 40 days and some are blocked at the wharf. It took more than 80 days to receive them. Therefore, either carry some items for emergency use with you, or transport them in advance to avoid blockage. Thanks again to Dragonsea and customer service Leo for their follow-up. If you have friends, transportation will definitely recommend it. I wish you a prosperous business
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