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Move from Beijing to the United States
  • Distance11116km
  • Shipping18 Day
  • volume7m³
  • Score
Today is the happiest day for our whole family. Because the furniture shipped from China was intact and delivered to our home! Did you truly experience the best service quality of China Dragonsea Shipping Company this time??, Their promise of "door-to-door, two clearance" was very successful, satisfying and reassuring customers. As long as the goods are delivered according to regulations and there are no contraindications, there is no need to worry about entering the customs, and it is entirely handled by Dragonsea. The door-to-door service is particularly user-friendly, whether it is the packaging materials provided or the packaging personnel being meticulous?? All operations will satisfy the customer. The door-to-door delivery service arrived on time and was carried out according to the customer's requirements. The customer did not expect to provide good suggestions. In short, if you want to move internationally, you can find Dragonsea Shipping Company. This company makes us feel at ease, worry free, and at a reasonable price. In this regard, our whole family expresses our heartfelt gratitude to the employees and company leaders of Dragonsea Company. We wish your company greater development in 2024 and wish everyone a happy new year!
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