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Shanghai to Vancouver international shipping moving experience

Our family received immigration papers , will be a good mid-February after landing a ticket , you start planning things maritime , maritime ignorant prior to the period spent a lot of time on the Internet to see someone else's post , I now move smoothly international shipping completed , he wanted to write this Shanghai to Vancouver International maritime transport through the post, to be a reference for future people .
First stage: Looking shipping company
We plan to grow together as a family board , the airline's baggage allowance feel sure enough , they plan to sea . But first , what you want to transport , as well as CBM , etc. There is no concept of right or else buy new furniture from China with the past too indecisive. However, we plan to put things all at the end of 12 pack shipped out , put the shipping company's warehouse to the time before departure to live in a house rented out . So began about several shipping companies , he spoke about the situation.
It was discovered that the main and shipping prices and volume ( CBM ) , a service ( door to port or door to door ) , shipping method ( FCL or LCL ) related . Volume , the shipping company will visit various estimates, the volume was mainly attributable to the furniture ( beds, sofas , cabinets , etc. ) , if the big furniture settle down, books and other clothing and kitchenware is easy to estimate ; service approach it, in our experience is strongly recommended door -to-port - Vancouver side clearance is very simple , the costs are much lower , reliable shipping company will advise you to do the door -to-port , because if they do door to door just in here looking for partners plus point profit offer to you, be sure to find the right than their own ; on the way there were two shipping companies have urged us to do FCL on the grounds that the goods safer, and a large volume of high port charges here , then Vancouver is not worth our own brought down feel safe no problem ( depending on your package ) , port charges but not high here , so 16 cubic meters or less advantageous or LCL , FCL do not mess plus for useless things - unless you have a big pieces of furniture, 30-40CBM course, to a large container .
We contacted several shipping companies , as follows:
1) S corporation , this is a multinational maritime boss , as the McKinsey consulting . I found online that they Shanghai office phone , direct hit past . Contact them to see reason , " professional" moving services is what it looks like , but my husband then moved back to Shanghai from the United States is that they use (of course, is the company to pay ) . They sent someone to the house valuation, gave me great a booklet (how to manage your relocation process, etc.). Final offer is: FCL transport -13cbm 41700 ( excluding insurance and taxes ); 20cbm 45200; LCL transport -13cbm 49640 ( FCL Competition box to display more cost-effective ) ? ? ?
2 ) known companies H companies, homeland on . Shanghai Office of the company 's test to see people come home and Guangzhou offices offer. This company who has experience , the most accurate estimate of the volume . Quote : 15cbm door to port 23750 , 36800 , door to door ? ?
3) E companies, foreign background. This is one of my friend , sir friends are foreigners, have used this company to move often , so Ms. P handled in accordance with the price quoted by a friend , provides a lot of reliable information. Quote : 10cbm, door-to- Port 21750 FCL , LCL 15750 ? ? .
4 ) DragonSea International moving company , one day I had an idea to do the logistics in Shenzhen, asked whether the relatives know people . Relatives and very enthusiastic , find insiders recommend Shanghai Tang counterparts that company, and call me to talk about price , requiring companies to quote ZL details to her, she helped me a one talk, talk over before I contact them to come measurement. Mr. Deng has reported details of fee schedule ( some of which are fixed costs , some charges according to the number of cubic meters ) .
We chose standard shipping company is this: there is flexibility ( because we demand the end of 12 shipped in the first quarter but 13 shipped , so be flexible and cheaper on warehousing, and may be sent directly buy new furniture warehouse receipt ) ; fees low ( this , of course , hehe ) ; human fly ( for process understanding , professional packaging , etc. ) . However, the sea actually buy the service, and any service product, it is hard to predict quality before , there may be many hidden costs , depending on the quality of the final offer specific services the quality of people . So, in the final analysis , or the person's feeling that if the other party can be trusted . After all, the observatory in the short term is difficult to fully understand the industry.
According to this standard , and this is also the first to exclude S boss , like many industries , the document looks very professional and very bluffing , but they come to people who are not very professional , the price is very outrageous. Pay their own words , is totally unnecessary. Secondly excluded HL, because the other requirements of LCL cargo sent to Guangzhou , we feel quite safe and not very flexible. In the E and ZL chose , we quite hesitant . Intuitively , I think Ms. E 's P is trusted , the price should be considered fair, they are also very professional . But in the end , we chose the DragonSea international moving companies, mainly because of the flexibility - to come to the DragonSea Tang international moving company 's people are very enthusiastic, like a responsible person ( in the end we did not understand his position , huh ) he has in the warehouse and receiving great flexibility , we feel that perhaps more than foreign background E company an advantage ( do not spend too much effort to coordinate internal processes ) , not to mention there are relatives ( feeling again , in China , acquaintances know how important it is ) - ! was also are feeling. The fact that we made a very correct choice - all the way down , with little more than an international moving company DragonSea made us the satisfaction of the company . My husband and I are quite picky person , but we unanimously agree that the DragonSea international moving companies on the professionalism, price and service attitude is very good - their last specific price , I will mention later .
Second stage: package
Set a good company , began to prepare packaged . At my request , they first send over a few boxes , loaded our own books and clothes. In fact, shipping companies are generally advocated to install them , as long as you manage to bring things out just fine. Because there are acquaintances , they quickly sent over a box .
Package agreed on December 26 , the company came three workers , plus Deng personally responsible supervision . The three workers are very professional, extremely deft work and good attitude, a few times I want to help, they say , "We Come , this is what we should do ." They packaging is also very good , but then I shipped to All things Vancouver did not have a broken bone china tableware and includes a number of crystal glasses . With a lot of paper - it makes a little guilty when I'm unpacking , very green ah , but fortunately Vancouver side paper recycling alone .
Mentioned package , it is necessary when it comes to what 's the problem with . Furniture We took a king size bed, an antique bed and baby crib , custom wood TV cabinet , Chinese stools , and a three-seat sofa . Three seasons clothing ; 6-7 boxes of books ; kitchenware four cases ( including my most beloved of certain German pot, bone china dinnerware , crystal glasses ) ; several paintings ; appliances did not bring the final total of 58 boxes - how will 58 boxes of it , right, is the packaging process found a lot of bits and pieces of things, some have forgotten what it is, you want to open the box to know. When unpacking feel is: Basic appropriate furniture ( sofa bed and immediately use, and do not hurry with a buy ; Chinese Lohan bed although no short-term use , but Western and other furniture with them is still very characteristics ) ; most suitable kitchen ( basic immediately be able to cook , but watching these own cherished kitchen utensils , and my heart really very happy ) ; books and clothing with more - at least half should be thrown away , wearing some clothes for a long time , it is not suitable for the Vancouver style ( here is more casual and comfortable ) , some books would not turn ; debris decorations with more - can buy here more appropriate . Bicycle carts ah ah really available with or without - without expensive new used here is also very good. If you live in an apartment is over , then the best ,20- 25 boxes , live House , then it is to buy something different , the bed and curtains.
So , it is best with a high value ( think of fire when you can only run twice , then rush out first what ? ) , There are characteristics ( such as Chinese furniture , but not much, do embellishment like ) , has special significance ( photo book ah ah ) , his precious ( that is, after you split out full of joy ) . According to this standard out a list ; then from the back , certainly not for those who started treatment . Such other packaged , it is best to pack the house has been completed, leaving only sure to bring something . Otherwise , etc. and then pick up and then decide when packaged with or without , the more it can only pack more home sudden a lot of " chicken" objects.
Workers from day one in the afternoon till nine in the morning , but also to help us pack up 3-4 boxes , installed some we do not ship to Canada to prepare something to another apartment , but also help us free to apartments. I passed Deng gave them some lunch . All transport finished, my husband and I went to dinner , very happy to see three workers in a humble roadside fast food restaurant for lunch , and I'm feeling . I am grateful to them, life is not easy for everyone . I remember that afternoon Shanghai snow, snow in the sky , my husband and I sigh , and finally the main pack busy work .
The plan was February before departure declarations, before goods shipped to the end of March . I did not expect to see our luggage again , it is already after five months.
The third stage : the declaration and delivery
After packing , I have some new goods , Deng sent directly contact their warehouse , first I drove past , then see them very reliable , they directly help me collect the Tang . Before February departure , Mr. Deng gave me a very detailed done in English, packing list, I took this got on the plane to Canada .
Entry , when the immigration officer did not receive the legendary B4E table , just ask us whether the subsequent goods , heard seaborne cargo , gave us a notice paper , let the goods after customs clearance appointment .
My husband returned to the end of February processing handover his passport to Mr. Deng handle customs clearance . In mid- March before he was scheduled to return the goods shipped out of Vancouver , this time we are in Vancouver to buy a house or rent an apartment is indecisive, let Deng first live cargo hold . Deng's reply is yes, but after the declaration of the goods into the customs warehouse on , to pay the customs storage charges ( 1,000 yuan / month ) and save up to three months .
To April , we initially laid down defer to buy a house , rent an apartment to live first in the Downtown for some time , this time, we can no longer freight anyway , because the original plan shipped to the end of March , I'll carry with only a month clothing , seeing the spring has come to Vancouver , I was almost an entire month wearing the same jacket extremely depressed. Children can buy roots improvise , adults more trouble . So early April , we notice Deng delivery.
And , as always , very timely reply Deng , a high efficiency . We ship the goods on April 13 , he recorded the 15th officially handed me a friend. Friends on the 16th delivery to Vancouver , on the 19th we received a bill of lading.
Fourth stage: customs clearance and pick
May 3 , receive freight forwarding phone, tell me the goods to Hong Kong on May 5 , I can go to clearance delivery , the goods will have one week of free storage . Miss A DragonSea's international moving international moving company sent me an e-mail , fully informed of the need for information and clearance of goods to Hong Kong alone , detailed information .
I have the afternoon to prepare the materials in the library , including: 1 ) the family's passports, immigration papers and Permanent Resident Card ; 2 ) the legendary B4E table , I downloaded from the Internet , according to Mr. P to fill up my packing list look, need not be very detailed, similar to summarize on the line, the value of all gross estimate of the total value is about 7-8 times the freight ; 3 ) goods to Hong Kong alone ( this was sent to me by Miss a , a type Chapter two for customs clearance after knocking ) ; 4 ) formal bill of lading ( this seems to customs do not look out the back side of the cargo collection ) ; 5 ) the original packing list ( for customs reference is not necessary ) .
Miss A clearance again and I said no reservations , so on May 6 in the morning I went to her and her husband cleared off. Customs Downtown, 333 Dunsmir street. When we arrived about 10:00 , on-street parking voted an hour currency. Many people, shortly after the front desk to us. officer looked at the material , ask us something that is not their own use , with or without food and wine and so on. Finally, we ask the officer no other follow-up article , holding chapter ready to knock . Then my mind a move, asked him: the country has some of the furniture , because not sure whether to buy house, we do not ship , but the future may be shipped , how should I do . officer stopped his hand ready to knock chapter , go back and ask the old master , and after a while came back and told us that the ( immigration tax ) declaration only once, we must now declare - the future does not run does not matter. He gave us a new B4E table , so my husband and I sat to one side , the possibility that we will again write something shipped from China in the past ( we do not be greedy , just write some basic, huh ) . Back to the Officer, he received a list of the goods transported in and wrote the "arrived", and next on the list shipped wrote "goods to follow", the copy to us, tell us the next shipment to directly take the last on the list. Goods to Hong Kong and then on to knock a single chapter , told us that he will knock back the form and fax to the warehouse chapter . At this point , customs clearance ends. Appointment delivery time .
Fifth : Summary
Finally we are most concerned about the price , summarize Shanghai to Vancouver 's international maritime transport experience:
Because I choose door of value-added services , international moving company DragonSea DragonSea International Moving agent after delivery, but also pack furniture assembled , installed bed spent nearly two hours , the bed super trouble , no drawings, from before if drawing on the bed to look for websites or contact beforehand to ask, you may save some time , only to let Mr. agents and companions pondering temporary side edge equipment . But then, demolition 16cbm goods is not easy, Hai Ba finally clean up garbage away . 8:00 pm everyone is gone, my husband and I sat on the sofa , looking out of the harbor lights , feeling tired but happy - finally saw the familiar things of home !
At this point, we basically ended maritime experience , the next step is a little bit longer to build a new home . . In fact, the price of which is lower than we expected . We are very fortunate to choose DragonSea International Movers International Moving Company and Tang . The entire process, from packing, transportation , delivery , change plan , organize invoices, every step they are very professional and ethics, attitude is very enthusiastic !

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