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Shipping moving old furniture and clothing from Beijing to Australia's experience

international moveAfter entering the March, has been busy consulting international maritime matters, finally sent some old furniture and clothing items shipped come to use, following my experience you can share with everyone.


1, the network found several companies made a comparative feel more professional companies, removing some unprofessional companies, mainly see the company's Web site because the site is a portal, so more attention


2, determine a better shipping company. Usually all of the shipping agency, shipping companies that gather personal belongings will be in the form of LCL shipping.


3, to determine if your place has a private shipping company, some companies are not eligible to do personal things maritime.


4, shipping companies can do Door to Door transportation, mean, whether you can get the order from your place, and shipped to your city, because of the possibility of your city is not in port, you also need to road transport. Usually at your destination, you need to get the order to the warehouse.


5, personal effects belonging to light goods, calculated on the cubic metres. Require a cubic metres of cargo and not more than 300 kg. Ocean and road freight is calculated on the cubic metres. Generally one cubic metre shipment, less than one cubic metre cubic metre charge. Which means you win 0.5 cubic meter, 1 cubic metre, 1.1 cubic metres more than 0.1 per cent of goods by 0.1 cubic meters to collect the money.


6, the basic flow of goods transport, they pick up goods-arrival at the shipping company's warehouse-port-customs warehouse check-loading-transport-ship arrival-route to your destination to the local customs clearance warehouse-your own-go to warehouse the goods. Normally you need to explain to your shipping company where your goods are shipped from where. If your home or your destination is in port, it does not require road, part of the.


7, below, says the shipping process and considerations


(1). Prepare cartons for my goods, packing, sealing well.


(2). Measuring box volume, estimated weight, cubic meters, do not exceed 300 kg each.


(3). Prepare a list of goods, the Chinese, including number of boxes, each box size, each box is filled with stuff. Need more detailed, if not more, easily out of the box inspection.


(4). If you have appliances, be sure to jot down the model and serial number. But there is not written on the list of items and keep it for later use.


(5). If you take medicines or plants or something, it is best not to write articles on the list or not. For checking up plants and seeds of plants, animals and animal skins and clay and other items on-site destruction, destruction and charged fees. There is alcohol or tobacco, could only take a little bit to go duty-free tariff was 50%-60%; so have to pay special attention to this, if this is found to have an impact on the environment, may not give immigrants returned to China.


(6). On each box to be legible, the consignee's name (that is, that the declarant's name), the destination address, telephone (overseas contact phone number, destination)


(7). Each box is numbered.


(8). All the boxes taking pictures to prevent transport damage claims.


Summary: reminder to thank DragonSea international moving companies, so I could understand a lot, which should not be transported, and considerations, was completed after this move, very happy with their service!


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