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         Dragonsea International is a global professional international baggage handling company, headquartered in the HongKong, global service network in over 100 countries and regions in China for nearly 300 cities (luggage can be returned served the city limits). Can provide door to door shipping service parcel post to China, we dedicated the majority of foreign students return home in China for foreign workers, embassy staff and their families to provide professional private goods transportation services. Transport personal items from the number, weight, volume restrictions, and the schedule fixed, low cost, the use of container transport to ensure the safety of your goods. You only need to dial a phone, and everything else have we done. Your hands do not have to go through complicated procedures, I will send professional personnel and fleet to serve you.)
         Home services shipping luggage than the international price of parcel post rates are usually much lower (see the Dragon and return postal charges more), Dragon also provide free packing cartons, packing materials, boxes and free pick-up service delivery. And baggage to the Chinese port of destination, will be playing Dragon trunk and affixed with special packaging special seals to prevent the frequent baggage loading and unloading freight in the country caused by damaged packaging; all the baggage in the process of follow-up services , in the original dynamic information online baggage check, e-mail notification service based on the phased increase of SMS notification, call return visit after-sales service, so you always clear your baggage anywhere in the world the latest developments, the real to achieve a stay at home, just tap your mouse, everything is easy to grasp. The entire chain of control and international security performance of the four major express delivery mechanism linked to sound and have the ability to do baggage foolproof.

Baggage to China process

Ⅰ、Check consultation to verify price Ⅱ、Set boxes, send boxes
Ⅲ、Document preparation Ⅳ、Pay the freight, baggage
Ⅴ、Global positioning tracking baggage check Ⅵ、Customs clearance, domestic delivery

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