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Move from Beijing to the United States
  • Distance11116km
  • Shipping18 Day
  • volume28m³
  • Score
I encountered a high-quality team led by Cui Leilei when I moved this time. As soon as you enter the door, stick stickers, take photos, and carry low boxes in an orderly manner, sweating like rain, racing against time; Actively cooperate. Understanding of packaging in the shipping industry. Everyone has refreshed my understanding of the moving industry with high-quality service. They effectively protected my floor and public elevator room with skilled skills during the packaging process. Will package memory and count. During the moving process, find and hand over the lost books, documents, etc. to me. It's really great. I received high-quality one-stop service. Thank you, thank you. Thank you all, thank you. There are also companies that need services. Everyone. You've been working hard. Thank you, thank you!
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