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Move from Beijing to Japan
  • Distance2116km
  • Shipping10 Day
  • volume8m³
  • Score
I didn't expect international moving to be effortless, refreshing my understanding of the moving industry. The entire service was so simple and easy, experiencing a high-end moving experience that requires no hands from door to door for international moving. This is my first international move and without any experience. I searched for several online stores and after multiple rounds of communication, I ultimately chose Dragonsea because the staff I worked with made me feel reliable.
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer: Hello! Thank you for using our international moving service from Beijing to Japan. We also appreciate your evaluation and professional recognition of our service personnel. Hailong International Moving focuses on details and provides full door-to-door services for international immigration and sea freight moving customers. We prioritize the safety of customer items and will continue to provide you with safe and convenient international moving services in the future.