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Move from Tianjin to Canada
  • Distance10460km
  • Shipping21 Day
  • volume28m³
  • Score
The entire work team has been very dedicated and responsible in providing services for the relocation of Dragonsea International, including initial consultation, door-to-door packaging, and subsequent transportation services. I didn't expect international moving to be effortless, refreshing my understanding of the moving industry. The entire service was so simple and easy, and I experienced a high-end moving experience that requires no hands from door to door. Once again, thank all the hard working colleagues of Dragonsea Company!
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer: Hello! Thank you for using our international moving service from Tianjin to Canada. We appreciate your high recognition of our service personnel. With a rigorous work attitude and professional logistics team, we provide personal belongings protection for international long-distance moving customers. We will provide you with a professional and enjoyable international moving experience in the future.