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Move from Shanghai to America
  • Distance12890km
  • Shipping25 Day
  • volume8m³
  • Score
Thanks to my friend's introduction, Dragonsea international has a good reputation for moving. After preliminary consultation, quotation, confirmation, insurance, packing, customs clearance, distribution and installation, every link has been very orderly. Dragonsea is really professional, No matter in every stage of the business process, answering questions, required documents and informing the shipping situation; when the master works, he is very skilled in packing, quick and good, and always busy. During the epidemic period, it is a right choice to move to Dragonsea international. Thank you for everything. Here I would like to thank Mr. Yuan Bob and Miss Peng amber for their high professionalism and friendship Good, very satisfied with the overall evaluation. I wish Dragonsea international moving company vigorous development and prosperity!
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