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Move from Shijiazhuang to Germany
  • Distance12890km
  • Shipping32 Day
  • volume8m³
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Finally, my old furniture, which had been used for more than ten years, came to my home in Hamburg. The date was half a month earlier than expected, but I returned home. My friends became my strong backing, I'd like to thank my good friend in Hamburg for going home one day in advance and occupying the parking space on the road with three garbage cans. He helped me receive the furniture on that day. At my remote request, he repeatedly helped me put the right place and confirm all kinds of things. I'd like to thank you for thousands of words. I'd also like to thank Mr. bill, who moved in Dragonsea international, for his five-star service, From various reminders at the beginning, to various answers, as well as reminders and worries after the furniture arrived in Hong Kong, he basically helped me worry after I signed the letter of authorization at the beginning. Dragonsea's team is really professional, providing all-round services, from domestic packaging, transportation, delivery, installation, packaging and garbage cleaning, all of which are in charge. There is no need to worry about anything at all, You can see from the packaging in the picture that the professionalism is excellent. It's more suitable for lazy (busy) people like me. Basically, I just sign and pay. Bill and Dragonsea have finished the whole chain. Someone in my family has fully reflected the style of shaking hands with the shopkeeper. When I delivered the goods in China, my sister-in-law helped me with everything. International transportation and delivery, Dragonsea helped me do everything. When I received the goods from Germany, my friends helped me do everything. This 13-year-old bed and old furniture should have retired for a long time. However, it was a thought and a dream for me. It seemed that only lying on this bed could I feel that Hamburg was really my homesick home. It was a kind of disease, and it was not my dream It seems to be my antidote, and now it's over! As for many people, you spend enough money to buy a new one, is it worth it? Sometimes, is it worth it or not, just in the heart! At home, love is there!
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