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Move from Shanghai to Spain
  • Distance10254km
  • Shipping32 Day
  • volume1.4m³
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Today, I finally received 9 cases of household goods that I had been looking forward to for a long time. At the beginning, I hesitated to choose an international transportation company, because it was the first cross-border transportation after all. After comparing several companies, I finally recognized Dragonsea international moving company. Since the signing of the contract, bill, the customer service representative, provided a detailed introduction to the transportation process. He was very patient, We are very satisfied that the goods can be tracked online in the whole process after shipment. The waiting process of several months will inevitably make us anxious. During this period, the working team of Dragonsea company will timely feed back the transportation situation of goods, so that our moving journey can be more comfortable and completed smoothly. The transportation experience in this special period of the epidemic has warmed us as far away as Madrid, Spain. Thank you again for the excellent service provided by the staff of Dragonsea international moving company. Thank you!
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