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Move from Xiamen to Greece
  • Distance8722km
  • Shipping30 Day
  • volume1m³
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At that time, I found Dragonsea through the Internet. My first contact with Mr. Dragonsea Wang was from strange to familiar, which made Mr. Yang feel at ease and secure. The follow-up also made Mr. Yang feel more comfortable and trusted. Because of the children's need to study abroad, it is not easy to prepare to transport some domestic goods to foreign countries. The professional company decided to try the first international move, from sorting, packing, picking up pallets, loading containers, transportation and customs clearance to delivery. All the matters were entrusted to Dragonsea, and finally the goods were delivered home intact and safe. Acquaintance is a kind of fate. Dragonsea's moving journey is not only the transportation of transnational goods, but also the prospect of a new life. With the delivery of familiar household goods, the whole family live a happy new life!
DragonSea Reply
Dear customers: Hello! Thank you for using our international moving service from Xiamen to Greece and for your evaluation of our service. Your satisfaction is our biggest driving force. As a leader in the international transportation industry of personal goods, our company has rich experience in door-to-door moving of furniture by sea. As always, we will provide convenient and fast international moving service for more customers, I wish you a happy life!