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Move from Changzhou to Italy
  • Distance8951km
  • Shipping32 Day
  • volume4m³
  • Score
Before this international move, I was somewhat worried. I consulted several shipping companies in the market and said: the epidemic has led to soaring freight rates and uncertain handling time. I can tell from their words that it is more or less unprofessional. Later, after being introduced by my friends, I met Dragonsea and bill. Then everything went smoothly. Bill was kind and friendly and answered all questions, Very skilled and professional in business, I chose them without hesitation. From the estimation of freight to the mailing of packaging materials, it feels very reasonable and meticulous. Both at home and abroad are door-to-door pick-up and delivery. We don't need to worry about all customs declaration procedures. What we need to do after arriving at our new home is to wait. There will also be a special manager to contact when the goods arrive at the Dutch transfer point. We will also make an appointment with us seven days in advance before arriving in Italy, Very sweet. The cooperative handling companies in Italy also provide good service. They will come to the door on time after confirming the accurate time point. They will check the list one by one when moving the boxes. They basically finished it in more than half an hour. Finally, they take away the difficult wood and other packaging waste. We are really satisfied and hope Dragonsea can get better and better and provide the most useful help for more families who need to move across the border! Thank you, Dragonsea. Thank you, bill!
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