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Move from Wenzhou to New Zealand
  • Distance9459km
  • Shipping28 Day
  • volume2m³
  • Score
The moving company recommended by a friend will go to the domestic home to pack and carry it away, and send it to the door of the house in Auckland. Then unpack and move the piano into the designated position at home, and clean up all the packaging materials when leaving [zanr]; The two Maori men who moved the piano didn't expect my piano to be so heavy. They hummed and wheezed when moving. They needed to rest for a minute after taking two steps. In this way, my piano was not scratched at all; I'll start practicing again in the future; By the way, I would also like to praise Abbie for the whole process service. One-on-one customer service followed up the whole process and updated the news every time.
DragonSea Reply

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