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Move from Changzhou to the United States
  • Distance11977km
  • Shipping23 Day
  • volume10m³
  • Score
The epidemic has led to a decline in the productivity of furniture in the United States. Even if it does not decline, the style of furniture is not satisfactory. After the decline, it is unacceptable. Therefore, I can only purchase in China. I learned about Dragonsea international in Xiaohong book. I feel that this is a very professional company. When I contacted the consultant Mr. Deng, I also confirmed my feeling. Mr. Deng is patient, The efficient handling of things saved me a lot of trouble during this transportation. On the way, the manufacturer said that my marble desktop was wrong. Mr. Deng had full power to connect and handle the problem for me and solve the problem smoothly. I was really moved. At the end of the delivery, my brother was very polite. Everything was moved in, unpacked and installed, and then the garbage was collected. I said they didn't do much except for the tableware I cleaned up myself, All items are intact, very satisfied with the service.
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