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Move from Beijing to Germany
  • Distance7323km
  • Shipping26 Day
  • volume2m³
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Thank the housekeeper for helping to find the shipping company. The shipping is very smooth. I am a musician. In fact, all the music books that my parents and I have been collecting this time, and several boxes are my daughter's clothes. These music books are basically unavailable in the market, so they are priceless to me, I was afraid of shipping because I couldn't find a suitable transportation company. I was worried about problems until I contacted Dragonsea company. The service specialty and the early service didn't use it, so I sent me a carton for trial loading first. The carton with very good quality, coupled with the professional service of Mr. Yuan Bob, the service personnel, finally decided to choose Dragonsea to transport the goods, I have started to prepare to return to Beijing in the spring of 2022, and then clean up and send my elders' home items; It is not easy for overseas people to enter the country. I try my best, such as Syria. I hope to contact your company for shipping one month in advance in the summer of 2022.
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer: Hello! Thank you for using our service of moving from Beijing to Germany. As a leader in the international transportation industry of personal goods, Hailong international has more than ten years of service operation, and has a rich and diversified product line, which can meet the personalized needs of different customers. A specially assigned person will guide and follow up and serve you throughout the process.