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Move from Beijing to Singapore
  • Distance4506km
  • Shipping12 Day
  • volume8m³
  • Score
From Beijing to Singapore by sea, looking for Dragonsea international to move. From packaging to storage to distribution, Maggie's service is very considerate, the delivery master is also very professional, and the items are intact. Finally, she took away all the garbage. This is a great moving experience. In the future, whether it is international or domestic, she will find Dragonsea and recommend it to friends in need!
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer: Hello! Thank you for using our international personal belongings moving service from Beijing to Singapore. If you want more information about moving from Beijing to the United States, you can call Hailong international online customer service hotline: 400-880-9518 or log in to the international moving special page for consultation. Thank you for your support to Hailong international.