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Move from Fuzhou to the United States
  • Distance12598km
  • Shipping36 Day
  • volume2m³
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At the beginning, I sent masks to the United States last year. I looked for an express company that could send masks on the Internet. I accidentally saw the website of Dragonsea company. I wanted to ask about the price and contacted your company. At that time, I felt that the staff of your company answered my questions very seriously, so I added the wechat of consultant yuan Bob, and then started sending masks, The signing in from abroad was also very smooth. I am very grateful to consultant yuan for his professional and responsible service attitude. No matter whether there was a problem sooner or later, we replied in a timely and serious manner. In 2020, when the epidemic started, we sent masks to the United States. Although there were delays on the way, we were anxious and urged all the time. Consultant yuan explained patiently and seriously, After receiving the mask, the family understood that your company has these serious, professional and responsible employees, which is a reliable company. Therefore, when we want to move this year, we did not hesitate to contact your company, because in this special period of long-term shipping, we can only rest assured that we are looking for the most reliable company. When we receive all things safely and completely, Let's feel the warmth of home in a foreign country. I really can't express my gratitude and happiness in more words. After receiving the goods, the cartons are intact, and the items, including kitchen supplies, are free of any damage. No matter what information is sent at any time, we will reply in time. Here, my family and I once again sincerely thank Dragonsea company, all the staff who served during this period, and their conscientious and responsible professional services. I wish Dragonsea company more prosperity, thank you!
DragonSea Reply
Dear customer: Hello! Thank you for using our international shipping service for personal goods moved from Fuzhou to the United States. Hailong international serves more than 300 cities and more than 160 countries and regions in China. All foreign agents are members of the international moving Association, and the services provided meet or exceed the standards of the international moving Association. In the future, we will continue to provide you with worry-saving and labor-saving moving service